Some of us do a couple of projects a year. We travel to places we might not normally go and spend 3 weeks on a project serving the Lord with the talents and abilities he has blessed us with. Others travel full time all across the country doing 8-9 projects a year, stopping by to see the grandkids from time to time. No pressure, what works for you!


Retirement - prior to that time, we all have a definition of what our lives will be like.  We have found that God's definition far exceeds ours in the joy that has been found while serving Him.  Obedience is a key ingredient - from obeying when my husband said we are going on the road to hearing God say "Trust Me" - even when we hear "how can you live is such little space".  Joy has been found as you step out of the RV doors and are warmly welcomed with that hug - even if this is the first time you have met.  Even when we might have thought it was a "project", God's double blessing has been meeting people who touch your heart and become life-long family.  New friends, new skills learned, sweet fellowship, and most of all a time of drawing near to God.  The joy of retirement!       

- Mark and Sheila 



We love the RV lifestyle and enjoy traveling. I have always enjoyed working with my hands. We wanted to serve the Lord, and being a Mobile Missionary seemed like a great way to do it! We may go to a project working with folks we may have never met before, but after three weeks they become like family! The fellowship and camaraderie are what makes this great. We develop a friendship that lasts forever. Can't think of a better way for us to serve our Savior Jesus Christ.

- Jim and Fran