About Us

Who we are:

We are a group of Christian RVers who love to travel and serve the Lord with our time, talents and abilities. We partner with Christian camps, orphanages, and small churches by providing our labor. Because of this they are able to stretch their resources in reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of these camps have very limited cash resources so our volunteer “free labor” is vital to their ministry. You may work as few as 2 projects a year or some full-timers work 9-10 per year, your choice. 


Where do you have projects?

States that are highlighted in orange are states we currently have projects in. 

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Buddy Program: 

Not sure this is for you? 

The Buddy Program allows you to try us out with no further commitment. You can come to a project as a Buddy, and work with a team on a 3 week project. If this is where you feel the Lord is leading you, GREAT! If not, there is no further obligation. (All we ask is that you stay for all 3 weeks before making a decision). If you sign up during your Buddy Project, it will count as your first official project.  



The number one benefit of being a member of VMM is the extended family and camaraderie that we enjoy. We have made friends all over the country and each new project gives us a chance to renew acquaintances. We only work 4 days a week so we have plenty of time to visit the sights or visit family who might live in the area. Each workday we start with a short devotion, this sets the tone for the day as well as lets us share each others joys and burdens. 

Each project provides us with a site with full hookups so we don’t have that expense while we’re on a project. 

The project locations vary, from 20 minutes outside of Yellowstone, to the remote mountains of North Carolina, New Hampshire, Washington State, Florida, and many other places.

You WILL develop lifelong friendships with other Christians as you travel and serve the LORD as a Volunteer Mobile Missionary.


What denomination are you?

We are nondenominational and interdenominational. We believe the Bible in it’s entirety is the inspired word of God. We only work at Christian, Bible believing projects.


All skill levels are welcome, all you really need is a heart to serve the Lord, and a willingness to go. 

We travel to projects all over the country doing construction and repair work. Every project is different and all skill levels are welcome. 


What we do: 

Lots of construction related stuff, including remodeling, & repairing...but because we are "older and wiser" we typically don't work on any roof steeper than 4/12, perform heavy block, wall, or cement work, and NO high work is to be done unless proper scaffolding is provided, and then only volunteers are to work on the scaffolding.